As families grow and the limits of space are reached in the home, the garage is no longer just a comfortable place to park the car in the winter… it becomes quite the multipurpose room (which is code for storage locker for stuff you don’t really use but don’t want to throw out).

So, in order to help you stop the “stuff creep” that might be happening in your garage right now, here is a list of great ideas for your garage. From building a mudroom at the entrance, to DIY shelves, to ways to stay organized, follow the advice contained in these articles. You might save your car from having to be parked on the driveway this winter (where you have to scrape the windows… which defies the very reason you bought a house with a garage in the first place).

If you don’t have a garage… but would like a house with one, let me know, I can help you finance it, that’s what I do!